Photo: Moira Blincoe Photography

Photo: Moira Blincoe Photography

Photo: Moira Blincoe Photography

A place to learn 

Preschool children are at an age where they love to learn and the Joyce Fisher Preschool provides a fun, stimulating learning environment.  The children are taught focused listening, interactive communication skills, extensive vocabulary and a love of literature.

Joyce Fisher Preschool staff are constantly talking to the children and feeding them language skills. There is plenty of conversation about what they are doing, how they are doing it and why, what it feels like or sounds like etc.

On top of the wide range of educational resources available to children and plenty of play opportunities, we run a structured mat time with high expectations for listening.
The children enjoy ‘book time’ where they select a book and sit quietly to look at it independently. This is encouraged by the teachers and promotes book appreciation and enjoyment, working towards early literacy.

Life skills are taught as part of the daily programme at the Joyce Fisher Preschool - a games table promotes concepts such as fair play, taking turns, completing a task and the realisation we don’t always win. Eating lunch while sitting at the table teaches important behaviours and expectations

“[Teachers] encourage them to think critically and problem solve. Language experiences for children are purposeful and meaningful. Older children are very well supported as they transition to school. Teachers work alongside parents, children and schools to make starting school an enjoyable and stress-free experience.”

Education Review Office – 2013




We plan walks to Cornwall Park and around the neighbourhood. 

A lot of teaching and preparation goes into such trips, with plenty of discussion and practice around crossing the road, holding hands, following instructions and walking sensibly.

Photo: Moira Blincoe Photography

Photo: Moira Blincoe Photography

Getting ready for school

Staff at the Joyce Fisher Preschool promote independence, problem solving, team work and encourage the children to think for themselves.
We believe the preschool years are an important age to teach valuable life skills in preparation for starting, and adjusting to life at school.

We want children to have a positive attitude towards all learning, and we believe it is our job to give them, and promote, an interest in learning.
We inspire them to get to know their own abilities and limits and we promote a “give it a go” attitude.
Our staff specialise in encouraging and developing language in order to facilitate the transition to school. There is also a focus on early maths and literacy skills.