Language enrichment

Our philosophy is to enrich the language development of all the children in the preschool by providing a program that is accessible to everyone and enables all of them to reach their potential.

We offer a small, language-rich environment to support children in an integrated setting. Staff don’t just watch the youngsters play – they talk to them about what they are doing to get them thinking, to promote listening, engage in conversation, give them the skills to ask and answer questions and encourage and nurture interactions with peers.

The preschool programme has a strong focus on spoken language. The hearing impaired children are learning to listen and speak and hearing children from the community are wonderful language role models. As part of our focus on language development, the community children have more opportunity to learn about phonics than in other ECE settings, and this supports their early literacy skills.

The preschool has firm boundaries and expectations for all children to listen and use spoken language and this unique approach is beneficial to all our children’s learning and development.

“We love the nurturing and unique environment that the preschool provides. There is a strong focus on social skills and learning through play. The inclusion of hearing impaired children has also helped our daughters learn the importance of understanding differences and how to meet the needs of others. It has been the best start to their schooling that I could have hoped for.”

Lyn Adams - August 2015