Our Philosophy

We believe that children deserve:

  • An inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • The chance to become independent
  • To develop lifelong social skills
  • Opportunities to learn from their mistakes and grow
  • Encouragement to be creative
  • To value the differences in themselves and other
  • To gain a love of exploration and learning that lasts them a lifetime
  • A language rich environment
  • To reach their full potential
  • A place where they can flourish and support one another
  • To learn from nature and natural resources.

We support children to reach their full potential by:

  • Supporting a love of literacy in all forms
  • Having clear guidance and boundaries around behaviour
  • Developing and supporting individual learning goals and pathways with them
  • Utilising focused listening techniques
  • Focusing on fundamental physical skills
  • Supporting traditional literacy and numeracy
  • Being role models for behaviour and language.

Our practice is influenced by:

  • Magda Gerber – we believe that children should be treated with respect and that they have the ability to take ownership of their learning and development
  • Bronfenbrenner – that everyone is a learner and that we can help scaffold the others around us
  • Gardner – that there are many different forms of intelligence and all should be supported.
  • Maria Montessori - we organise our environment to promote a sense of order and respect for resources, learning tools, and others.

Our practice is underpinned by:

  • Te Whāriki – especially the core tenant that all children are capable, confident learners
  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy – utilising this training to provide the most language rich learning environment that we possibly can
  • The knowledge that children’s physical development influences their academic development and that without movement, academic learning is much more difficult.